Golf Swing Analysis


Progress Physical Therapy is pleased to provide golf injury prevention with swing analysis service for our clients!

As movement experts, physical therapists can play a vital role in ensuring the body can meet the strength and mobility demands of the golf swing. We commonly treat golfers who are experiencing pain or dysfunction, therefore encourage intervention before injury from a preventative perspective. The objective is to evaluate the physical limitations in a player’s body that may affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury or inefficiency.


Laura Halley, PT, DPT is an ABPTS board-certified orthopaedic specialist and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified medical professional* who has several years of experience in golf-related rehabilitation and preventative practices. In addition to injury rehabilitation, Dr. Halley has participated in several community speaking and screening events related to golf injury prevention.

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Golf Swing Analysis:

For Golf Injury Prevention

Clients will have a one hour session with a TPI Certified physical therapist including:

  • Detailed interview to identify your current golf level, history of pain or injury, and goals
  • 13 Physical Screen Tests to identify movement limitations or faulty mechanics that could affect your golf swing
  • Golf Swing Analysis using videotape feedback from both rear and side views to identify common swing characteristics
  • Exercise or movement program based on both physical screen and swing analysis to improve your body’s mechanics and movement through the swing
  • Communication with your golf professional and/or physician on findings (if applicable)

For Golf Injury Intervention:

  • If you already have an injury that is limiting participation, our goal is to successfully get you back in the game as soon as possible!
  • Comprehensive physical therapy treatment with strong consideration for the unique biomechanical and strength requirements for successful return to golf
  • Golf Swing Analysis, when indicated, to minimize biomechanical faults that may be contributing to your injury

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