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The Benefits of: Evidence-based Care

Millions of people search the Internet every day for answers to their medical problems.It can become confusing. Your physical therapist can help you find the answers.

Often a physical therapist has to rely on experience to make clinical decisions. As the body of medical knowledge grows, we can make even better recommendations based on recent clinical research.

Here are some recommendations for orthopedic conditions:

  1. Exercise and hands-on/manual therapy are beneficial for arthritis of the knee and hip.
  2. Grade five mobilizations, performed by a physical therapist are beneficial for acute low back pain.
  3. Exercise can improve one's ability to function if he/ she is suffering from low back pain.
  4. For Achilles tendinosis, eccentric exercise appears to be a good choice.
  5. For shoulder pain (specifically, subacromial impingement) exercise and manual therapy are a good choice.

There is research to support the above statements and there is no one better trained to provide you with these treatment options than your physical. therapist. Who do you know that is suffering from knee pain, hip pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, acute low back pain?


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