CrossFit Athlete Performance Optimization

Whether you are a new CrossFit athlete, getting ready for a competition, recovering from a training cycle, or just wanting to improve your benchmarks, our PTs can help. At Progress Physical Therapy, LLC, we offer discounted packages and individual treatment options designed to enhance your performance and keep you in the gym!

Helen Shepard

Matthew Weber

  • Olympic Lifting Assessment / Running Analysis
  • Biomechanical Video Analysis
  • Injury Risk Assessment
  • Individual Program Modification Before/After Injury
  • Movement Re-Education
  • Manual Therapy for Recovery (Joint Manipulation, Cupping, etc.)
  • Dry Needling (with Physician Referral)

Dr. Helen Shepard, PT, DPT; Dr. Matthew Weber, PT, DPT and Dr. Greg Delano, PT, DPT can assist with your performance optimization for CrossFit athletes. Please contact our clinic today at (804) 270-7745 to set up an appointment.

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